Lombok, Bali, Jogja, Taste of Tourism Is Different

Traveling is a way for many people to unwind from a routine that is enough to drain their mind and energy. But for me, traveling is not just a walk. Traveling is my way to explore a new world, with a variety of diversity that continues to make me want to continue to explore other tours. Here I will tell you how diverse Tourism is in the land of Mother Earth, with various differences that we will continue to respect.

I started from my birthplace, Yogyakarta Special Region. The province is known for its thick culture and friendly people and full of manners. Even in terms of tourism, this province cannot be underestimated. Starting from mountain tourism, sea, forest, to modern tourism, everything is here. I started from the north side we could find Mount Merapi which stood firm. For those who like to climb the mountain this is a fun challenge but still have to maintain the manners and cleanliness of the environment during the climb. Then if we go down to the city center we can find the Yogyakarta Palace which still stands firm.

Where we know Yogyakarta is a province where the governor’s position is still filled with royal families, the Sultan. Here we can see the history of the Kraton and its role for the NKRI. Then we move up to the east there are many beautiful beaches in Gunungkidul Regency. There are many beaches with white sand and even some offer services in the form of snorkeling, but still need to be careful because we know the sea on the south side has strong waves.

Along the way from the city center to the coastal area we have also been presented with various sights ranging from cliffs, mountains and traditional markets. Then we jump on the west side of the Kulonprogo area where the area still looks natural. There are mangrove forests that are ready to be traced, there are also many shrimp ponds around the forest that we can learn about how the process works. The district also provides various beaches, tea gardens to reservoirs. The last one we go to the south with a variety of culinary and tourism.

Available cuisines are from klathak satay with sweet soy sauce to savory ingkung chicken. We have also provided the tourists with Parangtritis beach which is so famous for its Queen of South myths, the Parangkusumo sandbank which is the only sandbank in Indonesia.

Then in 2018 I had lived for three months in Bali, an area known for its tourism which is already well-known internationally. Although only for three months, but I tried to use that time to enjoy the tourism there. Starting from the famous southern side of Kutanya beach, we can find a variety of local crafts with tours that are still thick with their customs.

In this area we can find a lot of foreign tourists on vacation in Bali. Turning to the east there is a Bali Zoo that offers tours of fauna and flora in different ways, very suitable for children’s tours. Spinning again to the north side there is Lovina beach which provides attractions so that we can see dolphins at close range, but still have to be careful because we are in the ocean. Lastly on the west side we can find traditional villages that contain a mixture of customs between Islam, Hinduism and others that are mutually tolerant. Not to forget also Mount Agung which still stands firm until now.

Besides that I have worked on the island of Lombok for 6 months in the field of tourism, a field that has definitely become my passion. This island also has different tourist characteristics with the two previous regions. On this island the touch of Islam is very strong, seen from several mosques ranging from the Bayan Beleq Ancient Mosque to the modern ones, the Islamic Center Mosque in Lombok.

The island also has Mount Rinjani which stands as an icon of this island. For animal lovers, this island has Lombok Elephant Park which is suitable for family tourism. As for the beach, Lombok also has a beautiful Kuta beach. As well as some unique beaches such as the Pink beach with its pink sand and Batu Payung beach with its icon Batu Payung. For those who want to play water but do not want to go to the beach, we can go to Gunung Kelambu waterfall which offers views during the trip. Not to forget, Lombok also has a variety of beautiful woven fabrics.

That is a bit of my article that contains some of the tours that are on the emerald equator, I’m sure there are more tours that are far more beautiful. But as good tourists we must take care of cleanliness and not damage what already exists. Thank you to the reader, greetings from me.

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