Gili Labak, Small Island in Southeast Madura

In recent years Madurese tourism has begun to develop, one of which is Gili Labak and Gili Genting. The distance of these two islands is close together. These small islands may only be in the form of dots on the map, small in size. The island which has an area of ​​5 ha is located in the Southeast of Madura Island. In May 2017 I and my six friends visited this island. We are interested in the beautiful underwater tourism.

We use travel agent services to get there. It is not difficult to get travel agents who provide delivery services and tours to Gili Labak because there are already many, the price is not so expensive, only about two hundred thousand. The gathering points are usually at Gubeng Baru Station and Purbaya Terminal.

Because I and my friends left for Surabaya by train, we took a gathering point at Gubeng Baru Station. We used the last train to Surabaya and arrived at Gubeng Baru Station at 23.15 WIB. We met with other participants and left for Sumenep at 00.30 WIB. Our tour group did not only consist of domestic tourists, but also many foreign tourists.

The Sumenep Surabaya trip takes around 3 hours. We stopped to rest and clean up in a house that was already provided for the tour participants. After morning prayers we leave for the port. We boarded a barge with the initial destination of Gili Genting. It didn’t take long to reach Gili Genting just half an hour from the port.

We were given only one and a half hours on Gili Genting. After breakfast at a beachside warung, we can play water on the beach. Besides playing water, you can also play swings located on the beach. Many Instagramable photo spots installed on the beach.

After that we headed to the main destination, Gili Labak. The journey from Gili Genting to Gili Labak is longer than from the port to Gili Genting. There are about one more hour. Some of us even fell asleep on the ship.

The initial appearance of Gili Labak is a soft white sand of wheat flour combined with a mixture of blue and turquoise sea water. No need to use footwear to walk along the beach because the sand won’t hurt your feet. And what’s worse is we are on Private Island. Because there was only our group of twenty children and local residents of Gili Labak.

Our group was divided into two, some of the other snorkeling were free on the island. I chose to go around the island first snorkeling. It only takes 30 minutes to go around the island. After walking around I relax in the only shop on the island.

It was my turn and friends to snorkel. We were ushered into the middle of the ocean, lined with snorkels and frog shoes. Before going down to the water we were given a tour guide direction. After that, one by one it descends to the water.

The sea water is clear and the waves are calm, it is very suitable for snorkeling. Because it is still relatively new tourism, there are still many new coral reefs being planted. Even so many groups of small fish swimming around us. We were given a small bottle containing pieces of bread mixed with water to feed the fish. And sure enough once I spray it, the fish swarm over me.

It’s great to swim with the fish on Gili Labak. Feeling tired because the work was destroyed when I was here. For those of you who are looking for a place to escape from the urban atmosphere, please pull it out here.

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