De Djawatan, Favorite Tourism Destination for New Travelers in Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi Regency is one of the largest districts in East Java Province. The district nicknamed Sunrise of Java has its own privileges for tourists visiting. Banyuwangi always offers a variety of natural attractions that are spread throughout the villages.

The enchantment of the Blue Fire in Ijen Crater, the beautiful view of Teluk Ijo, the thick forest in TN. Alas Purwo, the high waves on Pancer Beach and many more tourist attractions in Banyuwangi are worldwide. The Banyuwangi Regency Government always provides and offers the latest tourist destinations every year. City tours may be very suitable to support the Banyuwangi Regency.

In recent years, Banyuwangi offers new and unique natural tourist destinations that are very suitable for you to visit. One of them is De Djawatan. This nature tour is located in Benculuk Village, Cluring District. About 45 km from downtown Banyuwangi, if we travel from the city center about half an hour. Even access to the location of De Djawatan is very easy, which is located on the edge of the provincial road. Even though it looks new, De Djawatan tours have attracted many tourists to visit it, both domestic and foreign. Besides that, this place has also been made the location of the film “Kafir” because the location is the same as the location of the film “Lord of the Ring”.

Trembesi trees that are hundreds of years old still stand firm. Plus there are teak wood left by the Perhutani to add to the beauty of De Djawatan tourism. The Tourism Office cooperates with Perhutani to utilize the area where the cloud is only abandoned. Finally, with the touch of creative hands De Djawatan gives special features to visitors.

Unique photos that have been circulating on social media make tourists look out for this place. Even though there was no special thing about this place in the past.

For the new facilities there are toilets and prayer rooms. In the De Djawatan Benculuk area, there are several self-help points provided by the manager. There are two photo booths built on trees, also some used trucks. Not to forget, a traveler who wants to slide from the tree is also available.

So far, Hutan De Djawatan is usually used for pre-wedding, graduation, or casual photos with friends or family. In addition, there are also tourists who come to relax and enjoy food.

For milineals this place is perfect for instagramable photo spots. Afternoon is the right time to come here. When the sun is not too hot, you can be with family or friends here. Besides being able to feel the atmosphere like in the film The Lord of the Rings, visitors can also climb a tree house in large trees.

In addition, you can also invite your children to play ATVs, ride delmans or just take a walk inhaling the fresh air. The dim or faint atmosphere created between the grove of trees, gives a mysterious and slick impression.

Only with the ticket price of Rp. 5000.00 per person, you can enjoy the vast area of ​​the green De Djawatan. Travel destinations that are cheap enough to just spend the weekend and eliminate tired work. The cool air with a breeze that blows adds to the feeling of comfort for tourists. Apart from that this place is also clean, not a single piece of garbage is scattered in this place.

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