Spend the Weekend in Ancol, North Jakarta

Spend the Weekend in Ancol, North Jakarta

My best friend this time I will discuss what is good about Ancol or known as the Ancol Dream Park. Come see the following:

Ancol is a kelurahan in Pademangan sub-district, North Jakarta. This village has a postal code 14430. The Ancol village has a population of 18,055 people and an area of ​​577.28 Ha km2.

This village is bordered by the Java Sea in the north, the Java Sea in the east, Sunda Kelapa in the west, and the Tiram River in the south.

Ancol means rich boiling soil. In the past, when the sea was tide brackish water the time Ancol turned to land flooded the surrounding land so that it felt salty. Naturally, when Dutch VOCs referred to the area as Zoutelande. The salty land that was also given to the fort was built there in 1656 (De Haan 1935: 103 – 104).

To connect the city of Batavia, which at that time was fortified with these strongholds, it was previously made a canal, the Ancol Canal, which until now can still be navigated by boat. Then a road that was parallel to the canal was built.

Making canals, roads and fortifications there, because they are considered strategic within the framework of the defense of the city of Batavia. The strategic nature of the Ancol area seems to have been felt at a time when Islam began to spread in the coastal areas of the Kingdom of Sunda. In Koropak 406, Carita Parahiyangan, Ancol was mentioned as one of the battlefields in addition to Kalapa Tanjung Wahanten (Banten) and other places during the reign of Syria (1521-1535).

Many things you need to know about in Ancol, there is a vehicle called Dufan or known as Dunia Fantasi, not only visited by children but teenagers and even adults also join Dufan’s excitement. Well this time we discuss about the outside of Dufan aka Ancol, friend.

Who is not familiar with Ancol, Ancol is a tourist place that is often visited by local and non-local tourists and even abroad. Not only made a family weekend tourist destination, a gathering place with friends, coworkers or a grand reunion of true singers. But Ancol was also visited for Praweeding, a friend like yesterday’s artist, just call Mas Vicky Prasetyo. But don’t be insecure ordinary people can also celebrate praweeding here.

In Ancol, if a friend goes by a private vehicle, either a motorbike or a car to park, friends will surely meet first this time here. Yup dinosaur sculptures made through woven from dried coconut leaves are best friends. Pretty creative and interesting to visit.

Arriving at the parking lot, friends will all board the bus area and it is free, all friends, in Ancol there are many interesting and good places to be used as photo spots using backgrounds such as beaches, buildings etc.

Still in the Ancol Zone outside the context of Dufan’s review, all friends can also ride Cabel Park, all of which are exciting.

Ancol Gate Entrance Ticket Price
Ancol Gate

Monday – Friday


Rp. 25,000, –


Rp. 20,000, –


Rp. 15,000, –
Ancol Gate

Saturday – Sunday / Holiday


Rp. 25,000, –


Rp. 20,000, –


Rp. 15,000, –

Lombok, Bali, Jogja, Taste of Tourism Is Different


Traveling is a way for many people to unwind from a routine that is enough to drain their mind and energy. But for me, traveling is not just a walk. Traveling is my way to explore a new world, with a variety of diversity that continues to make me want to continue to explore other tours. Here I will tell you how diverse Tourism is in the land of Mother Earth, with various differences that we will continue to respect.

I started from my birthplace, Yogyakarta Special Region. The province is known for its thick culture and friendly people and full of manners. Even in terms of tourism, this province cannot be underestimated. Starting from mountain tourism, sea, forest, to modern tourism, everything is here. I started from the north side we could find Mount Merapi which stood firm. For those who like to climb the mountain this is a fun challenge but still have to maintain the manners and cleanliness of the environment during the climb. Then if we go down to the city center we can find the Yogyakarta Palace which still stands firm.

Where we know Yogyakarta is a province where the governor’s position is still filled with royal families, the Sultan. Here we can see the history of the Kraton and its role for the NKRI. Then we move up to the east there are many beautiful beaches in Gunungkidul Regency. There are many beaches with white sand and even some offer services in the form of snorkeling, but still need to be careful because we know the sea on the south side has strong waves.

Along the way from the city center to the coastal area we have also been presented with various sights ranging from cliffs, mountains and traditional markets. Then we jump on the west side of the Kulonprogo area where the area still looks natural. There are mangrove forests that are ready to be traced, there are also many shrimp ponds around the forest that we can learn about how the process works. The district also provides various beaches, tea gardens to reservoirs. The last one we go to the south with a variety of culinary and tourism.

Available cuisines are from klathak satay with sweet soy sauce to savory ingkung chicken. We have also provided the tourists with Parangtritis beach which is so famous for its Queen of South myths, the Parangkusumo sandbank which is the only sandbank in Indonesia.

Then in 2018 I had lived for three months in Bali, an area known for its tourism which is already well-known internationally. Although only for three months, but I tried to use that time to enjoy the tourism there. Starting from the famous southern side of Kutanya beach, we can find a variety of local crafts with tours that are still thick with their customs.

In this area we can find a lot of foreign tourists on vacation in Bali. Turning to the east there is a Bali Zoo that offers tours of fauna and flora in different ways, very suitable for children’s tours. Spinning again to the north side there is Lovina beach which provides attractions so that we can see dolphins at close range, but still have to be careful because we are in the ocean. Lastly on the west side we can find traditional villages that contain a mixture of customs between Islam, Hinduism and others that are mutually tolerant. Not to forget also Mount Agung which still stands firm until now.

Besides that I have worked on the island of Lombok for 6 months in the field of tourism, a field that has definitely become my passion. This island also has different tourist characteristics with the two previous regions. On this island the touch of Islam is very strong, seen from several mosques ranging from the Bayan Beleq Ancient Mosque to the modern ones, the Islamic Center Mosque in Lombok.

The island also has Mount Rinjani which stands as an icon of this island. For animal lovers, this island has Lombok Elephant Park which is suitable for family tourism. As for the beach, Lombok also has a beautiful Kuta beach. As well as some unique beaches such as the Pink beach with its pink sand and Batu Payung beach with its icon Batu Payung. For those who want to play water but do not want to go to the beach, we can go to Gunung Kelambu waterfall which offers views during the trip. Not to forget, Lombok also has a variety of beautiful woven fabrics.

That is a bit of my article that contains some of the tours that are on the emerald equator, I’m sure there are more tours that are far more beautiful. But as good tourists we must take care of cleanliness and not damage what already exists. Thank you to the reader, greetings from me.

De Djawatan, Favorite Tourism Destination for New Travelers in Banyuwangi


Banyuwangi Regency is one of the largest districts in East Java Province. The district nicknamed Sunrise of Java has its own privileges for tourists visiting. Banyuwangi always offers a variety of natural attractions that are spread throughout the villages.

The enchantment of the Blue Fire in Ijen Crater, the beautiful view of Teluk Ijo, the thick forest in TN. Alas Purwo, the high waves on Pancer Beach and many more tourist attractions in Banyuwangi are worldwide. The Banyuwangi Regency Government always provides and offers the latest tourist destinations every year. City tours may be very suitable to support the Banyuwangi Regency.

In recent years, Banyuwangi offers new and unique natural tourist destinations that are very suitable for you to visit. One of them is De Djawatan. This nature tour is located in Benculuk Village, Cluring District. About 45 km from downtown Banyuwangi, if we travel from the city center about half an hour. Even access to the location of De Djawatan is very easy, which is located on the edge of the provincial road. Even though it looks new, De Djawatan tours have attracted many tourists to visit it, both domestic and foreign. Besides that, this place has also been made the location of the film “Kafir” because the location is the same as the location of the film “Lord of the Ring”.

Trembesi trees that are hundreds of years old still stand firm. Plus there are teak wood left by the Perhutani to add to the beauty of De Djawatan tourism. The Tourism Office cooperates with Perhutani to utilize the area where the cloud is only abandoned. Finally, with the touch of creative hands De Djawatan gives special features to visitors.

Unique photos that have been circulating on social media make tourists look out for this place. Even though there was no special thing about this place in the past.

For the new facilities there are toilets and prayer rooms. In the De Djawatan Benculuk area, there are several self-help points provided by the manager. There are two photo booths built on trees, also some used trucks. Not to forget, a traveler who wants to slide from the tree is also available.

So far, Hutan De Djawatan is usually used for pre-wedding, graduation, or casual photos with friends or family. In addition, there are also tourists who come to relax and enjoy food.

For milineals this place is perfect for instagramable photo spots. Afternoon is the right time to come here. When the sun is not too hot, you can be with family or friends here. Besides being able to feel the atmosphere like in the film The Lord of the Rings, visitors can also climb a tree house in large trees.

In addition, you can also invite your children to play ATVs, ride delmans or just take a walk inhaling the fresh air. The dim or faint atmosphere created between the grove of trees, gives a mysterious and slick impression.

Only with the ticket price of Rp. 5000.00 per person, you can enjoy the vast area of ​​the green De Djawatan. Travel destinations that are cheap enough to just spend the weekend and eliminate tired work. The cool air with a breeze that blows adds to the feeling of comfort for tourists. Apart from that this place is also clean, not a single piece of garbage is scattered in this place.

Pursuit Sunrise on Gunung Banyak, Batu City

Gunung Banyak, Kota Batu

Are you here again in the city of Batu, East Java? Wow, this is perfect. I want to recommend one place for those of you who want to be more integrated with nature. Eitss … be patient first travel lovers hehe

Batu City is already well known for its tourism. Besides being famous for its apples, this Batu City in East Java is also famous for its natural tourism. Besides being able to see the green hills, we can feel the fresh air of the mountains. Very suitable for us who are busy with the hustle and bustle in urban areas.

Well, it is also very suitable for a destination that I will share. Btw, travellovers have heard of Gunung Banyak in Batu City, East Java? If not, I’ll tell you about my trip to chase sunrise on Gunung Banyak, Batu City.

Travellovers, Gunung Banyak is one of the mainstay destinations in Batu City. Precisely on Jalan Songgokerto, Batu District, Batu City. Well for the height itself is around 1,326 masl. Ohiya this place is also the cornerstone of the take-off of paragliding athletes and was first used for the East Java PON VI event.

Gunung Banyak is not too high and is suitable for beginners who want to experience the sunrise in the morning. And for those who want to try paragliding, it’s really good. Because Gunung Banyak is not only a tourist spot, it is also a place for paragliding.

My trip this time to Gunung Banyak, intentionally done at night, because I and my friends want to enjoy the beauty of Batu City at night from a height and also of course sunrise hunting.

The track to Gunung Banyak is also good, but if you choose to travel at night, be careful, because the net is dark. But usually when the night is rather crowded along the way. Many stalls also serve a lot of food, if you are hungry or sleepy you can pull over first.

HTM entered Wana Wisata Wana Wisata that was 10 thousand, because I left for five to 50 thousand plus parking for 10 thousand cars to 60 thousand. This Gunung Banyak is open 24 hours, except the Sky and Paragliding Parks. So if you intend to spend the night here it really works.

Ohiya, if the new beginner make it a habit to bring personal equipment, because the temperature is quite cold. Bring a jacket that is thick enough, gloves and socks to make it warmer. For example, if you forget, there are also many who sell here. Because the stalls here are open 24 hours, so even if you lapers don’t need to worry. The toilets here are quite a lot and there are also schools for Muslims to worship.

The distance to climb from the parking lot to Gunung Banyak is not far away, and the pedestrian track is very safe. So there is no need for complete climbing equipment to come here. Ohiya if you don’t bring your tent you can rent here, yeah.

In the evening besides the cooler air, you will be presented with a very epic view from the height. You can see the beautiful Stone City at night. Like thousands of stars in the sky that radiate each other a beautiful sparkle.

The next morning, after dawn we will be presented with a view that is no less beautiful than at night. From the eastern horizon, the sun shyly the cat began to reveal himself. A very beautiful golden light greeted us. Indeed, this expensive sight is what we’ve been waiting for on Gunung Banyak. A very mating combination of the beauty of the sun’s rays plus the white clouds around it. Sunrise on Gunung Banyak makes me feel at home for long.

So travel lovers, I suggest if you come here you should stay well. Because it’s really a shame if you come here you don’t see the sunrise. Well, besides the beautiful sunrises here, there are a lot of Instagram photos that are really very useful for you. Well, while enjoying the cool air of Batu City from a height while taking pictures. Come on, which is in the Malang area or Batu City that needs fresh, cool air, can directly cover the Many Gunung Wisata Wana, Batu City, East Java.