Pursuit Sunrise on Gunung Banyak, Batu City

Gunung Banyak, Kota Batu

Are you here again in the city of Batu, East Java? Wow, this is perfect. I want to recommend one place for those of you who want to be more integrated with nature. Eitss … be patient first travel lovers hehe

Batu City is already well known for its tourism. Besides being famous for its apples, this Batu City in East Java is also famous for its natural tourism. Besides being able to see the green hills, we can feel the fresh air of the mountains. Very suitable for us who are busy with the hustle and bustle in urban areas.

Well, it is also very suitable for a destination that I will share. Btw, travellovers have heard of Gunung Banyak in Batu City, East Java? If not, I’ll tell you about my trip to chase sunrise on Gunung Banyak, Batu City.

Travellovers, Gunung Banyak is one of the mainstay destinations in Batu City. Precisely on Jalan Songgokerto, Batu District, Batu City. Well for the height itself is around 1,326 masl. Ohiya this place is also the cornerstone of the take-off of paragliding athletes and was first used for the East Java PON VI event.

Gunung Banyak is not too high and is suitable for beginners who want to experience the sunrise in the morning. And for those who want to try paragliding, it’s really good. Because Gunung Banyak is not only a tourist spot, it is also a place for paragliding.

My trip this time to Gunung Banyak, intentionally done at night, because I and my friends want to enjoy the beauty of Batu City at night from a height and also of course sunrise hunting.

The track to Gunung Banyak is also good, but if you choose to travel at night, be careful, because the net is dark. But usually when the night is rather crowded along the way. Many stalls also serve a lot of food, if you are hungry or sleepy you can pull over first.

HTM entered Wana Wisata Wana Wisata that was 10 thousand, because I left for five to 50 thousand plus parking for 10 thousand cars to 60 thousand. This Gunung Banyak is open 24 hours, except the Sky and Paragliding Parks. So if you intend to spend the night here it really works.

Ohiya, if the new beginner make it a habit to bring personal equipment, because the temperature is quite cold. Bring a jacket that is thick enough, gloves and socks to make it warmer. For example, if you forget, there are also many who sell here. Because the stalls here are open 24 hours, so even if you lapers don’t need to worry. The toilets here are quite a lot and there are also schools for Muslims to worship.

The distance to climb from the parking lot to Gunung Banyak is not far away, and the pedestrian track is very safe. So there is no need for complete climbing equipment to come here. Ohiya if you don’t bring your tent you can rent here, yeah.

In the evening besides the cooler air, you will be presented with a very epic view from the height. You can see the beautiful Stone City at night. Like thousands of stars in the sky that radiate each other a beautiful sparkle.

The next morning, after dawn we will be presented with a view that is no less beautiful than at night. From the eastern horizon, the sun shyly the cat began to reveal himself. A very beautiful golden light greeted us. Indeed, this expensive sight is what we’ve been waiting for on Gunung Banyak. A very mating combination of the beauty of the sun’s rays plus the white clouds around it. Sunrise on Gunung Banyak makes me feel at home for long.

So travel lovers, I suggest if you come here you should stay well. Because it’s really a shame if you come here you don’t see the sunrise. Well, besides the beautiful sunrises here, there are a lot of Instagram photos that are really very useful for you. Well, while enjoying the cool air of Batu City from a height while taking pictures. Come on, which is in the Malang area or Batu City that needs fresh, cool air, can directly cover the Many Gunung Wisata Wana, Batu City, East Java.